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Part I

A remarkable discovery has been made in Sierra County, NM that will alter the economic landscape for generations.

Because stimulating words alone cannot provide validity – pictures and videos are added for clarifying the enormity of this exciting anomaly.

Sierra County has had a rich history of mining, but, when the mines played-out all that remained were stories of lost mines and mysterious caves filled with gold bars.

The time-tested prospecting theme was and continues to be – to find valuable minerals go where they have been found before. Searching Sierra County’s enchanting landscape produces only hints of copper, silver and gold, but, fortunately, despite not finding traditional values persistence has paid-off by stumbling upon a formation no one pays any attention to.


This inconspicuous rock hosts an abundance of the heretofore unrecognized pgm metals Osmium (Os), Ruthenium(Ru), Rhodium (Rh) and Iridium (Ir). This sample originated from a several foot thick horizontally bedded formation east of the Rio Grande River (Rift), which according to the geological data extends into the Jornada del Muerto (further explained in part 2)..

Surprisingly, and contrary to expectations, this formation yields only 4 of the 8 precious metals, with gold appearing to be absent and only traces of silver, platinum and palladium. Therefore, due to this peculiar circumstance – the lack of normal metals is probably why this formation is side-stepped and considered barren.


25x – This pulverized (-150 mesh - 0.004”) sample of previous image would not peak a prospector’s interest, especially when fire assays fail to show traditional metals.


70x – This image provides one of the many reasons why prospectors constantly by pass this formation. These reddish-black minerals, barely seen in the previous photomicrograph are less than 0.001” in size. Furthermore, these red-black specs are primarily iron minerals and who’s interested in iron? In other words the discovered Platinum Group Metals are either much smaller or in chemical combination with iron. Another mineral clue is in the next image.


70x – These tiny black appearing particles are actually deep red resembling specular hematite. These particles, originating from the pulverized matrix (previous images) were liberated after acidic leaches and concentrated with a powerful rare-earth magnet. Yet, despite all the hours of chemical manipulations the Os, Ru, Ir & Rh metals cannot be seen microscopically.


70x – This magnified view illustrates that different acid digestions in conjunction with heat and time that a variety of concentrated results can be achieved from the pulverized sample shown in 1st image. These concentrates, after a battery of fusions have produced representative amounts of metal-in-hand, as seen in next 2 photomicrographs.


50x – This somewhat typical tiny piece of metal resists any and all acid environments. When there are sufficient quantities of these minuscule metals and subjected to the spectroscope the pgms and some iron are immediately apparent. The next image shows much smaller metal particles from different (manipulated) acid digestions originating from same formation.


200x – These resultant metal particles (only a few are in-focus) have been subjected to prolonged boiling Aqua-Regia without being dissolved.

These few photos provide a quick over-view of the many hundreds of hours it has taken to obtain verifiable/repeatable results.


Illustrated are— a boiling flask resting on a temperature controlled magnetic stirrer, connected to condenser that ice cold water flows through, which is connected to a receiver flask. The plastic water jug contains water, ice and a pump for circulating the chilled water to cool vapors migrating from the boiling flask through the inner glass tube deposited into the receiving flask.. In this experiment the receiving flask contains a piece of high purity zinc metal and plastic tubes dipped in canola oil to reduce Os tetroxide to the dioxide..

Preliminary Osmium distillations have yielded positive results and tests will resume when weather conditions are cooperative. Because Osmium Tetroxide (OsO4) is not friendly to the human anatomy distillations are conducted outdoors.

With these few rock images in mind what prospector would spend the time deciphering cryptic messages or has deep enough pockets for expensive laboratory analysis? The short answer is few to none. Consequently, the vast majority of those searching for valuable metals would not bother spending precious time on this humble formation. Nonetheless, new discoveries begin at sites where everyone knows there is nothing of value. For instance, everyone knew that the blue mud mucked at the famous 1800’s Comstock mine was worthless; but one day a curious prospector went to the trouble of having this mud examined and found that it was actually a fabulously rich silver ore. Similarly, everyone knows there’s no Platinum Group Metals in NM, little alone Sierra County.

Technological advancements via the elements brought forth civilization and these metals (Os, Ru, Rh and Ir) will be keys for making more innovations a reality. For instance, only a few years ago Osmium and Ruthenium were practically irrelevant, but, now they are at the forefront of solar and fuel cell energy initiatives.

The stakes of this opportunity along with America’s strategic future is on the line. This discovery is not some pie-in-the sky, but real and exploitable now! So, the question is: what will state and local officials do now with this information and the metals our Heavenly Father blessed this area with?

Alaska, for years has been issuing checks to residents from oil revenues, so why not a similar reality for the people of New Mexico?

The video presentations of Osmium, Rhodium, Iridium & Ruthenium (Ru) were captured by a 12mp digital camera, attached to a Vreeland Spectroscope and are as short as possible, yet conveying some visual confirmation that these elements are not only present but in astonishing quantities. Regrettably, many of the spectrum lines that reside in the green and blue spectrum areas are unable to match the dazzling display the eye can see. By pausing the videos additional spectrual lines can be better seen.

Video Spectrograms:

Osmium (Os)   Rhodium (Rh)   Iridium (Ir)   Ruthenium (Ru)

Still Spectrograms

Osmium (Os)   

Rhodium (Rh)   

Iridium (Ir)
Two minor lines and the major line in the green area are visible, but not as bold as seen with the eye.   

Ruthenium (Ru)
The red dot designates the major line in both images. A couple minor lines are also captured, but most of the minor flickered on and off and are not seen. The 2nd image provides better resolution of the major line.

Part 2

This section relates to two rocks, collected (July 08) from a surface exposed indigenous formation in the Jornada del Muerto, near where the spaceport will obtain electricity from the transmission power lines.

The red arrow points to the area where these two rock samples originated.

Pieces of these 2 rocks were pulverized and subjected to the electric arc of Vreeland Spectroscope. Both rocks show the presence of Osmium and Ruthenium.

Unlike the astonishing evidence presented in Part 1 these two rocks only have one visible major Osmium (Os) spectrum line. Nonetheless, the mere presence of Osmium & Ruthenium in this formation that has been subjected to eons of weathering should make one wonder what kind of values reside beneath this formation?


This broken rock sample is dense and hard and when visually inspected does not appear to be important.


This view is of weathered surface of the same sample shown above clearly hides a different inside structure.


8x – A low magnified microscopic view of the 1st picture’s rock’s interior surface. Obviously, there is nothing that would interest a passing prospector’s glance.


40x – A magnified view of the preceding image further illustrating no obvious mineralization.


This rock fragment was taken from a different layer of same outcropped formation shown in 1st photograph. It appears to be sandstone and is relatively soft to grind, yet contains a lot of silica granules.


8x – A magnified view of the preceding image, that is right out in the open waiting patiently for serious examination.


40x – The same rock surface previously shown, but, now wetted indicating a lot of granular quartz and a few black minerals. Here, again normal prospectors, including geologists have for whatever reason failed to examine what is in plain view but not seen.

Prior to the spaceport being granted a license I tried to inform the FAA in the EIS comments that a significant mineral discovery was found and that the same formation also ran under the proposed spaceport area. However, for some unknown reason both the Spaceport Authority and the FAA failed to examine what I stated. Apparently, they did not want to know or could not bring themselves to believe that this wonderful mineral deposition was a reality. In addition I have no idea as to why the state trust land the spaceport will reside upon was not thoroughly examined prior to deals being made. Hopefully the same mistake won’t be committed again.

All spectrograms shown were conducted on pulverized, naturally occurring mineral samples that were NOT concentrated nor chemically altered.

Video Spectrograms

Osmium (Os)    

Only 1 major line shows clearly. 

Rutheniun (Ru)    

The camera’s resolution capturing videos is not as good as the still images and because the quantity of Ruthenium apparently is minor the video spectral lines are very weak.

Vreeland Spectroscope information available at:

Questions and scrutiny are welcome.

Joseph Cummins

Created 01/18/2009
Revised 01/19/2009


Part 3

“Where we err is drawing improper conclusions from the facts.” I don’t know who originated this analogy but it remains accurate.

This exposé is meant to create a foundation of understanding so decisions won’t have too many unintended circumstances.

Before penetrating the depths of this treatise some clarification of what the PGM’s are is in order. This abbreviation relates to a group of precious elements known the platinum group metals, which are: Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Iridium, Osmium and Ruthenium. Most people are vaguely aware of Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium because they are used in automobile catalytic converters to change so-called noxious gasses into politically acceptable exhaust. Generally, any one of these 6 metals when in a finely divided state can cause a reaction when in intimate proximity of another substance without being altered or consumed by the chemical reaction. Thus these elements become essential for industrial applications resulting in products we can afford to use every day. http://minerals.usgs.gov/minerals/pubs/commodity/platinum/

The Truth is emerging – Sierra County is blessed with the PGM’s that will transform hardship into opportunity. Not only does Sierra County’s have the potential to become a world class PGM producer but also a beacon of what can be accomplished. The consequences of not taking advantage of these strategic metals will be more of the same. Therefore, a prosperous future is yours to use or lose.

Descending deeper into the various aspects of this subject a very important matter requires illumination or these contents will remain suspect. The prevailing wisdom has been – if platinum group metals are so prevalent why haven’t major mining companies exploited them? The short answer is – the PGM’s have always been in plain sight, but unrecognized. Logically and likely as not ignorance has blinded the experts or they’ve known about these metals and have chosen not to exploit them. This may sound preposterous on the surface, but deals are brokered between corporations and govts that influence competitive forces and theoretical stability of international trade.

For thousands of years it was common knowledge that prosperity and metals go hand in hand, but, we tend to forget life’s lessons. Thus, although America was once highly prosperous it is now dependent upon foreign commodities. Similarly, modern metallurgical science, commonly referred to as inorganic chemistry, based upon alchemy continues the practice of alchemical secrecy, which contributes to rampant collective ignorance.

The practice of liberating metals from minerals, often referred to as an art remains mysterious. For example – do you know anyone who can extract metals from minerals or melt and purify common gold and silver? The point is – practically no-one knows how to do what everyone uses on a daily basis and are therefore captive to the widespread secrecy surrounding the metal kingdom.
Separating and purifying silver and gold may seem difficult to understand, but comprehending the pgm complexities makes working with gold and silver child’ play.

During the 1700’s the Conquistadores instinctively knew that Platinum was valuable and brought back to Spain tons of the metal. However, because the best minds of that day could not get this odd silver to behave they threw it into the ocean. It wasn’t till the late 1800’s that pgms began to become recognized as metals. Yet, it took almost another hundred years before platinum, palladium and rhodium could be refined and applied in a useful manner (automobile catalytic converters), while Osmium, Ruthenium and Iridium remained shrouded in cloak-and-dagger confidentiality. If you doubt this, go online and look around or go to any university and ask any inorganic chemistry professor if they have ever separated the platinum group elements from a mineralized matrix, or if they know how to separate each pgm from each other before any refining and purification can be initiated.

Although the prevailing perception has been that these strategic metals could not possibly occur in New Mexico, little alone Sierra County I will try to disrobe these ambiguities with a smidgen of common sense.  

When someone says something is not possible the counter intuitive response ought to be – why not? The usual rebuttal is – if these metals were present they would have been found, which has a ring of legitimacy. So, if this is the case then there is no need to explore because everything has been discovered. Of course your common sense recognizes the nonsense when experts claim that everything is known.

Proceeding down this rickety ladder of reasoning the first step is to ask – what aspects of geology support Sierra County pgm deposition? Without going into a full blown dissertation the primary answer is – The Rio Grande Rift, which injected massive hydrothermal ore rich water and gases into portions of the entire County.

When discoveries occur it has almost always been by the prospector. However, usually, these initial mineral discovers are called romantic imbeciles or scam artists. Of course, the mining industry like any enterprise has its share of the unscrupulous masquerading as knowledgeable, ethical and upstanding community pillars. So, it behooves all to be wary of speculative claims. In fact, even the prospector must employ empirical principles to avoid being fooled by his own efforts. Nonetheless, every-once-in-a-while a discovery occurs that experts will often describe as an anomaly because it did not fit their preconceptions.

A few industrious Sierra County wanna-be miners during the last 30 years tried to expose what has been patiently waiting in plain sight. Sadly, their rewards were ridicule as well as being branded as foolish, stupid and charlatans. I was never privy to their proprietary methodologies that afforded them the idea that they had found these illusive pgms. A few times I was given a sample of unknown origins and asked if I could detect any pgms. None of the few samples I was permitted to see or touch produced any evidence of pgms. Nonetheless, at the time I was borderline stupid or at least ignorant as to how to properly test for these peculiar metals. However, not once did I say that the pgms were not present, but I could not find them, which merely indicates that without a large body of knowledge very few could accurately make of claim that these daring prospectors did or did not find at least some evidence of the pgm presence.

I must add that despite all my past and future efforts I too might fail in this pgm quest. It’s likely that the green darkness hovering over the land is so pervasive that no amount of evidence will see the light of day. Nonetheless, I continue trying and if our Heavenly Father deems it ok then maybe I will be fortunate enough to at least inform enough people that the green deceptions can be overcome.

The next few informative nuggets have been buried for over 20 years and are not being presented for vindictive reasons, but to show how ignorance surrounds the potential of pgm mining in Sierra County.

After amassing a variety of assays (mid 80’s), along with the mindset that the School of Mines in Socorro would be interested in what we felt was worthy news my partner (Jack Crandall) and I sought corroboration by those skilled in the art of mineral/metal identification. Even though we tried to show the Bureau of Mines officials, which included a thesis detailing a procedure to capture pgms our extensive efforts were dismissed as being worthless scraps of paper.

During our eye-ball conversation these officials boldly stated that commercial deposits of pgms do not exist in NM, little alone Sierra County. Furthermore, they had the audacity to claim that their head-ore from the Stillwater mining project set the standards by which their Atomic Absorption spectrometer would verify whether or not any PGMs were found in NM. Naturally we tucked our tails and left. The upside of stumbling around in this official maze of darkness was an honorary PHD (piled high and dry) degree in stupidity for wanting to believe in so-called experts.

Later, Mr. Crandall, while in California with a business associate (Mr. Garvin) called me with disturbing news. According to Mr. Garvin’s telephone conversation, he had just concluded attending a meeting with several mining professionals and had been publically humiliated. Mr. Garvin said to me that when he brought-up our data he was informed by an official(s) of the NM Bureau of Mines that I was under FBI investigation. Obviously this embarrassing situation not only squashed our desire to get credible information into professional hands but rendered me suspect as being a scam artist.

I wrote down the dumbfounding circumstances of what Mr. Garvin reiterated and sent to the FBI and promptly received a letter back stating I was not being investigated. So, the question was and remains – why did these officials seek to discredit us? Were we on-to something that was not supposed to become known? Likewise, was it mere coincidence that the same multi-national company that provided the mineral samples to this bureau was also funding a research project at the university? Is it possible that multi-national corporations do not want competitive discoveries, which might make their projects not as worthwhile?
Regardless of what happened in the past it’s the future that’s at stake. So, I continue trying to provide tangible proof that Sierra County has a high probability of a world-class PGM deposit.

As the future unfolds and in the event you hear negative comments regarding the possibilities of commercial PGMs in Sierra County—perhaps this question deserves an descriptive explanation—has the land in question been tested, and if so by who, how and when? Furthermore, if a written methodology of any so-called testing procedures cannot be supplied, viewed or analyzed then what’s the value of the negativity?

On the basis that this discovery is accurate what does this mean for the residents of Sierra County? In my opinion if the people of Sierra County will not allow the social managers and planners to steal what they walk upon the high-tech PGMs will create debt free living conditions, along with hospitals, health insurance, schools and full employment.

Most of the PGM land in question is public, which means that the minerals are legally yours if legitimate mining claims are filed. If the people of Sierra County will merely form a cooperative they could file mining claims on a significant portion of the Jornada del Muerto and other hot spots thereby assuring that they have legal standing protecting their rights of development. With just a little cooperation a brilliant future is at hand. Instead of all the money flowing to bureaucrats it’s possible that every man woman and child of Sierra County could receive an annual cash payment similar to what Alaskan’s receive every year. America needs what Sierra County is blessed with. So, it’s either back to basics or continued impoverishment where hope remains mired in credit strangulation.

As the potential realities sink in and conclusions are grappled with connect the following dots to your repertoire of thoughts.

a. Does corporate and political management consider people a commodity like steel to be sheared, bent and rolled? The following few examples are either simple coincidences or part of an agenda of keeping human resources contained to be used and discarded as desired..

During 1992-3 the friendly NM fish and game tried to transplant their Mexican sheep in the area and make the land off-limits to humans? Unfortunately, even though you told them no these wildlife managers are back demanding their beasts roam freely. The signs of their wilding projects are everywhere—wolves, bears, sheep, exotics, birds of prey and lately the wild pigs.

Rattlesnakes used to be common up close and personal experiences in the Caballo’s and the Joranda. Fortunately for prospectors one of the consequences of these wise experts is how their eagles, hawks and falcons have ate the rattlesnakes.

For the past few years there has been a rising incidence of diseases such as: mad deer, bird flu, and swine flu. Is there a possible correlation between planting all these critters and possible pandemics? Has the importation of foreign animals allowed infectious prions to be transferred from wild to domestic livestock, such as the mad-cow disease that infects humans? Did you know that mad-deer-elk prions not only contaminate the soil but are almost impossible to contain and threatens anyone who eats infected animals? Did you know it has been proven that prion contaminated knives cannot be sterilized in an auto-clave?


Have you not been wondering why it is ok for wildlife to roam free while humans are restricted? Are managers and planners quietly herding humans into corrals while all the adjoining land is for beasts? Is it possible that the anti-human EcoElites are preparing the way for their critters to attack man as prophesied in scripture? If I am wrong—why do you think it is necessary to have wildlife corridors that essentially lock-up the land with so-called save and protect regulations? Here are just a couple websites depicting what’s in store for humans.
“Protecting Wildlife Migration Corridors and Crucial Wildlife Habitat in the West”
http://stewardsofthesequoia.org/PDF/Wildlands%20Map%20USA%20web%20page.pdfUS and UN wildland project

. Despite stringent federal red-tape regulations NM created the 1993 NM mining act and those running this bureaucracy take pride in not issuing permits for mining under the pretense of protecting the environment. Perhaps it is time for the NM Mining Association to get out of bed with this agency and file a lawsuit challenging the legality of the 1993 Mining Act that has decimated mining in NM.

Making matters worse is how our friendly federal representatives are about to eliminate mining in America. Here are just a few examples of the hideous nature of the green agenda that will make us all totally dependent upon foreign and domestic governments.

Naturally, to make sure mines cannot operate the greens are making sure ore cannot be processed by dismantling smelters, thereby assuring American’s are subservient upon foreign produced metals. See for yourself how this hideous act of treachery is being accomplished in El Paso by destroying Asarco. www.ci.el-paso.tx.us/asarco.asp

I find it amazing that those who despise enterprises that produce goods only offer strangling bondage as an alternative. It’s true that manufacturing, such as Asarco created what we today refer to as pollution. But, what is not said is Asarco provided employment thereby keeping a significant number of local residents from starving or living in worse squalor like those without jobs across the Rio Grande River. Life is full of trade-offs and is never risk-free, thus if prosperity and better health is the desired living standard then instead of shutting down industry the regulators ought to be utilizing their brilliance by helping industry, which in-turn aids the people who live and work within industrial complexes. Take a look at this website that claims salvation.

If the pre-industrialized pilgrim paradise is so wonderful why aren’t these green messiahs doing what they want you to do? Ask yourself— which living standard serves humanity better—debt or freedom? Dismantling Asarco is in my opinion a terrorist attack on industry demonstrating their intense human hatred. You don’t have to believe what I say, simply verify for yourself what the green-leaders have in mind for humanity.

If the state and federal regulating agencies are truly benevolent and want to improve lives why aren’t they offering assistance to job producing industries instead of being adversarial and closing-down opportunities? Think about it – our servants extract taxes and fines then apply these revenues against industry making them unprofitable so they are forced to shut down as is the case with this smelter or locate to foreign lands leaving behind a wasteland of extinct jobs.

The primary argument (leached smelter slag and leaked diesel) for cleaning-up Asarco has some validity; but my question is—if polluted water is a no-no then why is it ok for stinky, sulfur laden microbial municipal waste water to be sprayed on land, such as TorC’s golf course? For golfer’s that use this course – imagine – you hit your ball and it bounces and rolls on the soaked fairways and greens. Question: did you know that you have been handling a contaminated object with all sorts of unimaginable microscopic critters and have transferred these critters to your clubs, cart and hands. In addition, you not only contaminate your steering wheel but you take these wee-beasties (prions) home. One day you get ill with the flu and you wonder how you could have caught this bug? Read these websites if you think I am exaggerating.

Examine this website and see how NM water is being preserved for critters.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Likewise, well intentioned ideas often produce unintended consequences. For instance and will sound harsh—I see little difference between mortgaging children’s future by voting in favor of bond issues and America’s past slave traders?  Similarly, what’s the difference in past slavery methods and the importation of foreign nationals to take American jobs and at same time forcing Americans to pay for their hospital and educational needs?

As crazy as this may sound—make no mistake—civilization is at stake. The question staring each of us in the face is – are we as a nation committing suicide by plunging into the depths of debt where there is no escape? Do we really want to become like the 1500’s medieval plague infested Europe. At the bottom of this web article is data about debt.

For those who are interested in obtaining some idea relating to critically imported metals the USA must have here’s a free 246 page online book. http://books.nap.edu/openbook.php?record_id=12034&page=R1

. Besides all the numerous plans to lock-up land that could be put to productive mineral use the current fad is energy corridors. For instance – there’s the corridor being planned that will go right through the Jornada transporting solar produced energy to markets in California. I can only speculate why Sierra County will not benefit, but will likely get to help pay for.

Currently the politically correct green agenda is wanting battery powered cars. But, what is not being broadcast is that China controls the metal sources for the batteries. This is an additional declaration that our nation’s politicians are selling us down the river of no return of resource independence. This web-site data partially explains these totally unnecessary, but seemingly planned circumstances.

Other than politically created problems there’s no shortage of minerals like so-called peak oil. www.nextenergynews.com/news1/next-energy-news2.13s.html To make sure American’s bend to the EcoElite’s demands they have conjured-up the carbon cap and trade to save the earth from global warming due to excessive carbon dioxide. Of course our friendly legislators aren’t saying that this is really a hidden tax, which will make gasoline and every other item cost a whole lot more.

It is often said that a preposterous lie becomes acceptable truth if repeated often enough. Just look at how pervasive the green mystic is promoted by all forms of media. This stupefying reality is creating all manner of self-fulfilling prophesies. The greens said that automobile exhaust pollution was ruining the health of humans and the environment. So the EPA mandated all cars be equipped with catalytic converters to alter the exhaust gases. What was not mentioned was that these catalytic converters would cause the so-called global warming gas – Carbon Dioxide – to rise exponentially thereby creating the theoretical need for mandating the use of ethanol to combat this natural occurring gas, which each of us exhale. The point is – the green lies are slowing killing us all. www.rense.com/general85/eth.htm
To get an image of history being repeated click on this site.
When the govt says it is going to invest in some scheme to make energy production more efficient, be it car engines or coal fired electricity plants what they are really saying is—we are taking your money. In other words - tighten your belts as we take another ride on the debt rollercoaster..

Social managers/planners, whether local, state or federal govt, corporations or their crony NGO’s love to create fires and then take credit for stomping-out their disasters with another inferno. They always justify their fear based actions with these words May, Might and Could, which never pass honest scientific muster.

Isn’t it amazing that green pseudo-scientists who incorporate these words – may, might, could, at risk, etc., etc. –  can forecast the gloom of global warming, but cannot accurately prophesize the weather a week into the future, yet these mental giants tell you what is going to happen in 10 to 100 years?

This country was and is based upon the mineral blessings our creator gave us and to allow greens to be in control of these resources will result in the same thing that has happened to most other industries—gone—except for the politically connected multinational corporations.

Why was/is Gov Richardson so dead-set against using the abundant oil in the Otero Basin and likely the Jornada?

Here’s the latest as to how the wisdom of managers and planners relating to Otero County and you can bet something similar is in store for your back yard.

The 1993 Sierra County’s Land Use Plan made it plain that county commissioners be informed and part of any BLM land planning processes. The question is – are the Sierra County Commissioner’s informing you of what is transpiring, particularly regarding the BLM’s TriCounty Resource Management Plan?

Lately, it appears that the Sierra County Commissioners are behaving as though they are endowed with superior knowledge regarding what’s best for the people instead of representing what residents want and need. Here’s an example relating the commissions green intentions:

On Page B16 (Legal Notice), 5-1-09 issue of Sierra County Sentinel newspaper it states that Sierra County is to celebrate National County Government Week. 

The notice further states Sierra County is proud of the variety of services it provides to the community and our green government efforts said County Manager Janet Porter”.

From my perspective this legal notice insinuates that the majority of residents in Sierra County either are too stupid to know what’s best or that a green govt is best. In my opinion this demonstrates the arrogance of the greens who have infiltrated practically every level of academia and govt. I would suggest that the residents of Sierra County need an accounting to see if taxpayer money is being channeled towards green projects without the taxpayer knowledge.

This legal notice also states that the Sierra County Sheriff’s department will be visiting the Sierra Elementary School with emphasis on Sierra County’s “green government” efforts.

Nationwide police have been visiting schools about drugs and various green agendas, but I find it frightening that an elected officer of the law is being used to disseminate green propaganda. Furthermore, how much longer will it be before the children will be used to tell the authorities what parents are doing on their land and in their homes? Is this the beginning of a new Sierra County Hitler youth program?

. Its time to stop tip-toeing through the tulips..

The evidence indicates that the entire Jornada del Muerto contains vast quantities of pgms. But, will Sierra County’s residents accept their stakeholder status or let the green priests run rough-shod over their birthright?

Why are the Sierra County Commissioners behaving as though any & all mining is bad?

Furthermore, why did and are the county  commissioners not contacting the mineral stakeholders that reside outside the county and state. Are they purposely hiding what their intentions really are? Why would the Commissioners create and adopt this resolution without public input.

This dubious “Resolution” mimics typical green feel-good words used to fool the people and thus destroy any and all mining activity. Were these signers of this resolution TOLD to do this and if so by whom? Did the spaceport authority have any thing to do with this resolution? Is what I am trying to expose a threat to the green agenda?

Regardless of who is using or owns the land – why does the El Camino Real TRUST that is connected with most green, wilderness and govt agencies want the entire Joranda del Muerto protected against development? Is it not a bit odd that few people ever set foot in the Joranda, yet the greens of all stripes want this area off-limits? Is it possible that multi-national corporations who influence politicians know about the pgms and don’t want this information known?

I find it ironic that this road of the past that created commercial prosperity is now being shut-down to stop the very purpose of what this highway was designed to accomplish.

About 40 miles north of TorC at mile marker 115 on I-25 is multi-million dollar El Camino Real TRUST building complete will bronze plaques stating this is a taxpayer funded endeavor. Why would this spectacular building be built in the middle of no-where? Many of the website articles that promoted this el camino real have become dead, but fortunately I made it point to copy their propaganda.
This plan completely eliminated mining activity as if it did not matter to the area, when everything about this area reeks of minerals

El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro National Historic Trail
"Designated in October 2000, El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro National Historic Trail recognizes the primary route between the colonial Spanish capital of Mexico City and the Spanish provincial capitals in what are now Mexico and New Mexico between the 16th and 19th centuries. The “Royal Road of the Interior” introduced Europeans, their institutions, and their goods, into the heart of the indigenous world of long-lived Pueblo communities and their nomadic neighbors. Today, the cultural corridor created along the Camino Real reflects the heritage and riches of Native America, the Old World, and the modern societies of the United States and Mexico. BLM jointly administers the trail with the National Park Service."
I find it disturbingly hypocritical that those promoting this trail that ushered in commercial activity now want no commercial development. Eventually this can only suggest that cattle operations will also become extinct curiosities.

For a slightly different perspective add what the spaceport authorities have planned. For example – An article in the Sierra County Sentinel (6-15-07. pg A-11) Mr. Rick Homans is quoted as saying -- "we have promised to work collaboratively to protect and preserve the Trail" -- and Mr. Homans is working with both the Las Cruces CARTA and the National Trust to limit or deny development in a 20 mile radius of the proposed spaceport. Then on 7-20-07, pg A-2, article in Sierra County Sentinel --- Mike Holston (Spaceport Authority) wants to limit vehicle traffic & minimize damage to El Camino Real.

President Signs Legislation that Enhances Protection for Public Lands in New Mexico.
“We’re thrilled that the Senate and House have passed this legislation,” said BLM-New Mexico State Director Linda Rundell, “and we would like to commend Senators Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall, as well as former Senator Pete V. Domenici, for their dedication and years of effort in protecting these special areas.”
It’s obvious that locking-up land and stopping any commercial activity of the natural resources is the1st and foremost priority these so-called servants have in mind for New Mexico.

. Hi-tech

Believe it or not, minerals, particularly the pgms are the driver of present and future high-tech industry. Without minerals what can man do to improve his standard of living? Not much and if we don’t want to go back to swinging from trees as the greens demand all we have to do is apply our mental abilities, subdue the land and enjoy the fruits God gave us.

Here’s a couple web-pages that provide a glimpse as to how just one of the pgms is shaping high-tech

It’s no coincidence that jobs and industry have been outsourced. In fact it was and is a well orchestrated plan that is in its final stages of implementation. The land has been and is your future—don’t let the schemers and planners who bring debt take the opportunity away from you. Here’s an article about the environmental noose:

It seems logical that the elected City and County officials would recognize how these strategic metals offer opportunity and take appropriate steps to safe-guard the people’s interests by crafting a land-use plan that reflects what the minerals can and will do for the community. Will they—I doubt it.

According to a Legal Notice (5-15-09) in the Sierra County Sentinel the Sierra County Commissioners are having a meeting (5-28-09) about the Land planning Ordinance 09 002, based upon the land use plan I have read it is an opened ended document that can be construed to mean anything. I suspect this Land Use Plan, very similar to other plans was done on purpose so the greens could interpret whatever they chose and eliminate any industry not considered to their liking despite what the people may need or desire.

Christians ought to be asking themselves if the modern day environmental movement is compatible with Biblical Scripture. The Babylonian god Ishtar, also known in scripture as Astarte and now Gaia or Gaea has infiltrated most schools under the guise of ecoism.

Although this modern era is supposedly embracing scientific standards our learning centers are actually cuddling pagan mythology, such as the Association for Women Geoscientists that is promoting Gaea. www.awg.org/news/gaea/

This Country is supposed to not be endorsing any particular religion. Yet, when visiting the BLM websites it’s easily recognized that this agency partners with eco-groups. Has this federal agency declared they don’t care what Christians think?

Republican’s were known for their conservative mindset, but in recent years they seem to have succumbed to Gaian deceptions. Below is an email from Senator Domenici which should curl eyebrows.

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From: Correspondence_Reply@domenici.senate.gov
To: jcummins1@bellsouth.net
Sent: Monday, February 04, 2008 7:10 PM

Subject: Correspondence from Senator Domenici

Dear Joseph:

Thank you very much for contacting me with regard to the Hardrock Mining Law of 1872. I am glad you took the time to share your thoughts with me on this important issue.

As you may know, in September of last year I began reaching out to my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to start the process of reforming our mining laws, which have not been substantially altered for 135 years. This is a complex issue that will require compromise and a great deal of hard work.  Nevertheless, I am optimistic that we will be able to find a balanced approach that will provide a fair return to taxpayers for the use of federal resources while ensuring that America has a robust mining industry, and do so in a way that protects and preserves our environment.

The thoughtful input of New Mexicans has always been and continues to be of the utmost importance to me as your U.S. Senator. I have always believed that it is essential to know what is on the minds of the people I represent in Washington.

Again, thank you for contacting me. I hope you will continue to keep me apprised of the issues most important to you.


Pete V. Domenici
United States Senator

Here’s a shocker – history is defining America as a nation of thieves. We take from some and give to others under the banner of helping the less fortunate. The most common form of this nationwide act of aggression has been and is the issuance of municipal bonds, which purport to build and maintain infrastructure. When examining these debt instruments one finds that at the very least corruption that is becoming known in NM as pay-to-play. Furthermore these instruments are often rolled-over and never paid off, thus keeping the people mired in debt. The latest public-private debt venture scheme in Sierra County is the spaceport. The concept of a privately funded spaceport is actually wonderful, but to pay for this adventure with taxes (bonds) I believe will prove to be another Made-Off scam  Read this link about David Crockett to get an idea how this thievery has become acceptable. www.thisnation.com/library/notyourstogive.html

Approaching the bottom of the shaft the mining light is shinning on another interesting point of reference. Despite informing the state, spaceport authorities and the FAA that the potential for exciting quantities of the pgms existed under the Jornada none of these officials made an attempt to contact me or prove I was wrong. In fact the State Land Commissioner withdrew all the minerals from commercial exploitation. So I ask – why did these officials refuse to consider the possibilities that would make Sierra County a thriving community? Is it possible that those who think of themselves as kings don’t want people free of debt? Could it be that if the people were prosperous they would not need these king’s alms? In addition, several months ago I contacted hundreds of mining companies and university experts explaining what I have been able to prove. Even though I only asked that they discreetly visit the Jornada and see for themselves I have not heard a peep. I accept that the experts probably think I am wacko, but why not at least look? It’s well known that Russia controls the palladium market, so why was Russia allowed to purchase a controlling interest in the only USA PGM mining operation?


The industrial revolution ushered-in unprecedented prosperity while the green revolution is destroying all the gains. Now that the promised get-rich schemes have proven to be bait and switch (www.ft.com/cms/s/0/dc64a52e-4958-11de-9e19-00144feabdc0.html?nclick_check=1) and jobs are vanishing at an alarming rate perhaps we ought to getting back to basics that has always served America? With your helping hand this desert can blossom.

Although I have tried to show that a solution for economic realities exists I don’t have all the answers. Many answers must come from those wiser than what I am currently incapable of providing. Nevertheless, for whatever time this well-aged body is permitted to reside on this earth I continue the endeavor of capturing a methodology that provides metal in hand, which will, God willing be at least partially posted here sometime soon.

Finally, for now, not only do I welcome all questions and comments, but as I try to complete a mosaic of where these pgms reside within Sierra County those who are interested in sending me a rock for a free spectroscopic semi qualitative analysis send an email for details.

Questions and scrutiny are welcome.

Created: 5-26-09


Part 4

My past research indicated that Osmium and Ruthenium were rather constant surface anomalies in the county. Thus, the plan seemed simple enough – collect and analyze hundreds more rock samples during the summer of 09 to better clarify the presence of the Platinum Group Metals in Sierra County. Then, upon completion of this task inform the community about the HUGE economic potential, which would provide a base of prosperity for everyone. Little did I know I was going get blind-sided by the obvious.

Upon arrival and before rock sampling began I was visibly stunned while driving through TorC. Anyone with eyes has known TorC was stagnating, but after being away from the community for almost 2 years the town now appeared as if some-kind of pestilence had taken up residence. The question is – will prosperity ever be allowed or will Sierra County continue sinking into oblivion where hope refuses to reside?

After several days of analyzing rocks it was apparent that some of the rocks, whether volcanic or sedimentary west of I-25 indicated the presence of PGMs. Nevertheless, as expected, the best anomalies occurred east of the Rio Grande River (Rift). However, despite the good PGM news there’s the law in physics – “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” – which means that the accumulated data also presented a nightmarish scenario.

Prospectors usually expect the unexpected, such as a rock falling out of the clear-blue, but what could or would change my plan and be more monumental than the obvious opportunity of exploiting the PGM’s?

I’ve known for quite awhile that some thallium was present at various localities in Sierra County, and one area in particular even critters won’t visit or inhabit, but to discover that downtown TorC is probably the epicenter for thallium was not only mind-numbing, but continues to be a twisting saga fraught with abundant uncertainty.

After many confirmation tests of soil and rocks from Ralph Edwards Park, the reddish clay banks and various areas adjacent to Water Tank Hill there remained no doubt in my mind that TorC was severely contaminated with Thallium.

Naturally, if the rocks on Water Tank Hill, which stretches from near Carrie Tingly on the west to Arrowhead Road on the East are contaminated with thallium then I had to see if Geronimo Hot Springs also contained thallium. As suspected this water was contaminated. Likewise, the algae that was thriving in the water channels was also rich in thallium. Consequently, it seems likely that most if not all the area hot springs are tainted.

The dilemma became – what to do? Should remaining resources (time and money) be devoted towards informing the community about the exciting PGM potential, expose this precarious thallium menace or let the tranquility of ignorance prevail? An answer to this perilous predicament was desperately required, so I began describing the situation to a few friends. Most everyone never heard of thallium. Thus, another question arose – how to effectively and quickly communicate what this element is and may mean to everyone residing in the community.

Simply put – thallium as metal is soft resembling Lead that was discovered in the 1860’s and soon found application as a rat poison. However, because of its extreme toxicity to humans this form of pest control was banned (late 1970’s) in the USA. However, modern technology utilizes this metal in a variety of new hi-tech application like night-vision goggles and super-conducting apparatuses that the future seems dependent upon.

While reading the hundreds of web-pages about this element it is apparent that this metal and all of its compounds/salts are a contact poison. In low doses it becomes an accumulative poison, whereas if exposed to large amounts, such as a few milligrams or as much as 1 gram it becomes deadly.

No one wants their life turned upside down. Nonetheless, if what I am seeing on the spectroscope is accurate then like it or not we all will have to come to grips with the possible inevitabilities. After extensive testing with known amounts of thallium I am reasonably sure that what I see represents an extraordinary anomaly. Note: According to the Vreeland spectroscope manufacturer’s manual this instrument’s minimum detection limit for this element is in the range of .001% to 0.01%. (0.01% = 100 ppm). This operator’s manual also states that these figures have to be used with some reservation due to the variability of matrix effects.

Seldom is a bearer of bad news welcomed. So, this data may not be taken seriously and I might become known as another TorC wacko? Regardless of what transpires, I am not screaming fire, but I am ringing alarm bells!

While trying to explain this environmental hazard it became apparent that no one really wanted to know more about this vulnerability. And, although I lay no claim of expertise in the field of chemistry if the acquired evidence has merit then everyone is at some form of risk. Therefore, because so much is at stake it seems logical that the following additional questions deserve scrutiny and understandable answers.

A. If any form of thallium is as dangerous as EPA suggests, then why didn’t those charged with public health and safety find this threat long before me? Furthermore, if elemental Lead and its compounds are not to be tolerated where children play then why is thallium – a far more toxic substance – permitted in Ralph Edwards Park?

B. According to what I read there are no really safe exposure levels and even slight contact with Thallium can accumulate and thereby, over-time cause a variety of health predicaments. Therefore, because the majority living in TorC are not dropping dead is everyone’s, especially the young and elderly immune system being insidiously compromised, thereby contributing to poor over-all long-term health? And, is it possible that TorC’s academic achievement scores are related to thallium exposure?

C. I have found thallium in many soil samples, especially the clay type soils, so is thallium in the form of dust invading the home and is this element being leached into water wells? According to a 2008 Consumer Confidence Report for TorC’s municipal drinking water Thallium was listed as being 0.04ppb, which is well below EPA’s maximum of 2ppb (parts per billion). My question is – how was this determination made? In other words – what standard methodology of analysis was this 0.04ppb derived? According to a local newspaper article TorC’s municipal water lines are need of serious repair and leak about 20% of the drinking water. If this is the case then how much thallium contaminated soil is being re-introduced into the drinking water that is away from the well heads where the water was tested? Read what’s stated about safe Thallium levels in drinking water at: www.nmenv.state.nm.us/dwb/contaminants/documents/MCLs.pdf

The following quotation ought to raise eyebrows “About 2.5 million gallons of hot water pour from the ground along the banks of the Rio Grande daily, making these hot springs among the largest in the world. In 1909, a state engineer declared an area of 38 square miles to be the "Hot Springs Underwater Basin."

D. With the above excerpt in mind how much of the Rio Grande River is polluted with Thallium? For instance – weeds growing in the river showed the presence of thallium. And a soil sample taken from near a chili field in Arrey also contained thallium. Consequently, is the irrigation water from Rio Grande River contaminating local farmland? If so, and after millions of years of hot springs dumping thallium into this river are crops, fish, wildlife and livestock also contaminated? Furthermore, is this water course contaminated with thallium salts all the way to Gulf of Mexico?

E. If area thallium deposition is a true threat then what are the socioeconomic ramifications for TorC and the county? Once the news gets out will Tourists still visit? What will happen to the Spaceport ? Worse yet, because there seems to be significant amounts of thallium in Geronimo Hot Springs water, and that human skin can act as a sponge will tourists want to place their bodies in these hot waters?

F. There’s an area on Caballo Mountains that critters won’t inhabit. In fact, flies, rats, bats & snakes refuse to visit. Coincidently, I detected no visible evidence of critters on water tank hill, except ants with an aggressive attitude. Could this be evidence that thallium is affecting local wildlife?

G. While collecting samples from the Caballo Mountains and witnessing the magnitude of BLM’s prescribed mountain top burn was forced to speculate if the associated riparian water-ways are going to be affected with increased amounts of leached thallium? While attending a BLM meeting (8-09) in TorC the host said that unless some kind of forthcoming information halted their plans the Desert Bighorn Sheep would be placed on the Caballo’s in November 09. After the meeting closed I mentioned to the BLM official that thallium is present at various locations on/in this mountain chain and their sheep could be in jeopardy. Thus, the question is – will the Game and Fish and BLM wildlife experts examine the soils and plants to determine if this threat poses health risks to their sheep?

Although I’ve barely scratched the exterior of this complicated, yet intriguing subject another question surfaces – was thallium purposely mined in Sierra County during the 30’s through the late 70’s? There’s a group of old mining claims called the Lyda-K that rumor suggests were originated by DuPont, which coincidently has indications of thallium. Recently, I heard that the land, near the Caballo Dam, which in the early 80’s still had a large building that presumably was for processing ore from the associated deep mines was purchased and might be sold for home-sites. If this chitchat is accurate, perhaps the new owner of this land may want to check to see if thallium is present?

I am an advocate of all mining because it is THE economic base by which all other industries can co-exist. And, although this thallium anomaly seems to pose danger could this element also be a blessing instead of a curse? In Nevada, tiny amounts of thallium are considered as a pathfinder for gold mineralization. Unfortunately, I have not found any good gold shows, but, perhaps the local thallium should be construed as a good locator of the Platinum Group Metals?

Upon posting this Part 4 a NOTICE will be emailed to each public official having any jurisdiction of/for local public health advising them to visit this webpage so they can begin determining the realities and what may be done, if required to mitigate the circumstances.

Here are a few preliminary, yet informative www links that provide data for those interested in knowing more about thallium.

"Thallium (Tl) contamination in soils poses a significant threat to human health due to the high toxicity of Tl and its ready assimilation by crops.”

General info regarding thallium

What happens to thallium when it enters the environment?” “How might I be exposed to thallium?”

Percutaneous absorption of thallium may occur through rubber gloves (Reed, 1963).  The true incidence of poisoning may be underestimated, because chronic accumulation may occur from industrial exposure and as a result of the ready absorption of thallium through the skin.”

Domestic Production and Use


Several web-pages relating to  “Toxicity Summary for THALLIUMincluding “Human exposure to thallium occurs by oral, dermal, or inhalation routes”

“The primary targets of thallium toxicity are the nervous, integumentary, and reproductive systems. In humans, acute exposures produce paresthesia, retrobulbar neuritis, ataxia, delirium, tremors, and hallucinations. This implies central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous system involvement (Stokinger, 1981; de Groot and Van Heijst, 1988; Kazantzis, 1986). Human and animal chronic exposures result in alterations of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves (Stokinger, 1981; Manzo et al., 1983b). In both humans and animals, alopecia is the most common indicator of long-term thallium poisoning (Stokinger, 1981; Manzo et al., 1983b).

The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) has developed a Public Health Goal (PHG) of 0.0001 mg/L (0.1mg/L or 0.1 ppb) for thallium in drinking water. The current California Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) is 0.002 mg/L (2 ppb) for thallium in drinking water.”

Thallium is partially water-soluble and consequentially it can spread with groundwater when soils contain large amounts of the component. Thallium can also spread by adsorption on sludge. There are indications that thallium is fairly mobile within soils.”

"all thallium compounds are to be avoided and should only be handled by competent personnel taking proper precautions. Thallium compounds are extremely toxic. Their effects are cumulative and they can be absorbed though the skin. Thallium poisoning takes several days to act and it affects the nervous system. Thallium compounds are teratogenic.”

"Thallium poisoning is mainly caused by accidental uptake of rat poison, which contains large amounts of thallium sulphate. Consequently, stomachaches will appear and the nervous system will be damaged. In some cases the damage is so irreversible that death will soon follow. When a human survives thallium poisoning often consequences of disturbances of the nervous system, such as trembling, paralyses and behavioural changes will remain. With unborn children thallium poisoning can cause congenital disorders.
Due to accumulation of thallium in the bodies of humans, chronic effects consist, such as tiredness, headaches, depressions, lack of appetite, leg pains, hair loss and disturbances of the sight.

Further effects that can be related to thallium poisoning are nerve pains and joint pains. These are consequences of thallium uptake through food.

Based upon these quotes and the symptoms it would seem easy to dismiss potential poisoning as old age or just living.

http://www.inchem.org/documents/pims/chemical/pim525.htm#PartTitle:10. MANAGEMENT
Data regarding a variety of thallium issues.

Additional information available upon request.

Thanks for reading.


Joseph Cummins


Created: 11-26-2009

Edited: 06/27/2010

Part 5

A lot of additional data has been accumulating necessitating this Part 5, which hopefully will provide prospectors and Sierra County residents a better glimpse of my findings relating to the strata bound minerals, water and opportunities presented herein.

The bolded and underlined words are embedded links that take you to additional information and images to further clarify important related data.

Any and all redundancy is partially due to my inability to write well, as well as intentional to re-emphasize specific issues.

There is a lot left unsaid herein, but to have included these important related topics would expand these pages to the point of boredom.



Before diving head-first into the murky depths of minerals I'll begin by describing the bizarre circumstances I currently find myself concerning THALLIUM and the associated metals. Then, maybe these elements won't seem to be such an out-of-place anomaly.

Most people have never heard of the base metal Thallium or the precious metals Osmium, Iridium, Ruthenium and Rhodium that make-up the Platinum Group Metals, commonly referred to as PGM’s. Nevertheless, these metals seem to resemble Truth, because they are all around us, yet, are almost completely unrecognized, thus creating the rarified consequences of ignorance.

In Part 4 I indicated that emails were sent to local, state and federal authorities regarding how prevalent Thallium appears to be in ALL of Sierra County and concentrated at “Water Tank Hill” in downtown TorC. Oddly, to this day none of those authorities charged with protecting the public’s health and welfare has made an attempt to ask me questions or challenge my findings.

As previously mentioned – a few mining companies in Nevada use the amount of thallium in local rocks to aid them in defining where to look for new discoveries of gold bearing ore. Therefore, because gold was discovered in the area I currently reside (Carrollton, GA) in the early 1800’s I began looking to see if thallium was also present. Sure enough, thallium seemed to be in all of the localized rock formations where old gold mines were worked.

A little online data mining revealed a gold mine in the town of Villa Rica, GA just a few miles from where I live. Because this old mine site is now a museum I asked the officials
http://www.pinemountaingoldmuseum.com/goldmine.html if I could collect rock and plant samples to see if gold and thallium was detectable. Yep, both of these elements were present in surprising spectroscopic quantities. Later, I was informed that billions of dollars worth of gold remains at this old mine, but would cost billions to retrieve. So, there is no effort to mine, which, seems to me to be a financial tragedy to not at least be doing a small scale harvesting of the precious metals. Unfortunately, this type of mind-set is all-too-common and we “The People” wonder why we are having hard times?

During January 2010 I decided to check the foods that I normally eat on a daily basis with the Vreeland spectroscope. Boy was I surprised to discover that practically every item, including bread, rice, oats, nuts, flour, coffee, non-dairy coffee creamer, tea, most veggies and all spices including cinnamon, red chili pepper, black pepper contained what I think is abnormal (dangerous) amounts of Thallium. Adding insult to injury I also checked most tobacco products and found astonishing amounts of thallium.

During this same period of time I felt that it was prudent to run a spectroscopic analysis of my hair to see if I was contaminated with thallium. Needless to say my hair was thoroughly riddled with this metal. Consequently, I have had to re-evaluate my life style regarding food, water and smoking. Fortunately, because I have access to this spectroscope I can monitor my progress of trying to free my body of thallium.

Even though practically all the foods tested contained Thallium it obviously is not in sufficient quantity to cause immediate illness or death. Yet, according to a variety of research papers , including EPA reports there are no safe amounts of thallium that can be physically contacted, breathed or eaten. In fact, the 1998 book “THALLIUM in the ENVIRONMENT” warns of the dangers of eating any plant (particularly cabbage) or the meat of domestic livestock exposed to thallium.

Because thallium is a known contact poison it was a very effective rat poison till banned by Presidential Executive Order 11643 in February 1972 due to children getting sick or dying from coming into contact with sulfate salt of thallium. Curiously though, because it’s in practically everything I eat and because it accumulates in the body I am now wondering as to what my long-term health consequences might be?

As I have previously indicated – practically all the tested Jornada
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jornada_del_Muerto) soil and rock samples analyzed contained anomalous amounts of thallium, causing me to email warnings to Sierra County Commissioners and the Spaceport Authorities apparently my notices went unheeded because the spaceport construction has not slowed or stopped to evaluate the possible risks facing all who participate in the construction of this venture.

It’s well known that MSHAW, as well as state and federal EPA agencies won’t allow mining companies to expose workers/miners to unsafe conditions. Recently, the EPA suggests that fugitive dust on farms poses health risks. Therefore, when the wind blows wouldn’t the thallium rich Jornada soils/dust be a health risk? If so, why did the Spaceport Authorities allow the excavation of these local rocks for the spaceport’s concrete runway? On a similar note – what kind of protection did NMSA provide those who operated dozers, loaders, scrapers and truck drivers in building this spaceport? Could it be that NMSA never checked to see if thallium was present in the local soils & rocks?

If the spaceport authorities did not examine the soils and rocks for possible toxic elements at this construction site does it suggest that they did not care about the safety of these transient workers who would be long-gone before any possible health issues arose? Is it possible that at sometime in the future litigation (class action suits) will be filed against NMSA for not thoroughly examining the local soils and rocks that subjected local residents and workers to possible long-term health issues, which state and federal authorities demand that all mining companies do prior (EIS) to any land disturbance? If such future legal action occurs – who do you think is going to bear the costs?

Here’s what I consider to be another expected shenanigan of the Spaceport (NMSA) – according to an article in the 12-10-10 issue of the Sierra County Sentinel weekly newspaper – the NMSA “Urges Controlled Growth” of the Jornada. In other words the NMSA wants to destroy any commercialization in the Jornada, which I interpret would apply to any mining activity.

As I have said previously – it’s ironic that this ancient road (El Camino Real) of commerce through the Jornada is now being threatened by modern day bureaucracies that apparently despise entrepreneurs who want to better not only their own lot in life but the whole community’s potential prosperity by declaring these lands off-limits to development.

During the summer of 2010 indigenous plant samples were gathered from the Jornada and Caballo Mountains. The purpose of these collections was to spectroscopically examine them to see if the metals in the rocks and soils were also present in the plants. Needless to say – Thallium and some of the pgms were found in every native plant.

Since first coming to the Caballo Mountains I’ve known of a large, long-dead, bark-less, semi-mummified Pinion Tree near the top of this mountain chain. I always wanted to know what could have killed this once majestic tree. Was it a drought hundreds of years ago or perhaps the roots of this tree entered into a toxic mineralized area? Fortunately, a sample was taken of this tree (summer of 2010) and I found it to be loaded with Thallium. In fact, when I subjected a piece of this tree to the 5000 degree F of the spectroscope’s carbon arc I inadvertently breathed some of the fumes and after a few minutes I got ill that suggested thallium poisoning.

The question is – what does the presence of significant amounts of thallium in the Caballo Mts, Jornada, the Rio Grande River and associated irrigated farms suggest relating to the long-term health of plants, livestock, wild animals and humans?

Although I have not yet conducted spectroscopic tests on grocery store cattle meat it seems safe to conclude that if these animals eat contaminated grasses, tree leaves, cacti and grains then they are subject to significant thallium contamination, which is likely to affect humans. Of course, most cattle that graze in Sierra County are quickly sold to slaughter houses and thus will not show the possibility of thallium poisoning. Based upon my in-field observations, it seems reasonable that local Ranchers should begin to determine if their livestock are contaminated with thallium. Naturally, Ranchers will not want to discover this ugly possibility, but if thallium is present then it would not be a whole lot different than yesteryear’s rustlers or angry Indians affecting their bottom lines. In other words – Ranchers are used to threats and almost always respond in a positive manner, which is why we’ve come to admire their courage and perseverance.

Now it’s time to briefly bring-up the matter of desert bighorn sheep. In 1992 the NM Fish & Game Department in-cahoots with the BLM, Academia and the environmentalists tried to run all human activity out of the Caballo Mts. Fortunately, these agencies were challenged by local stake-holders and they temporarily backed-off.

During the summer of 2009 the BLM and the NM Department of Game & Fish held a surprise TorC meeting essentially telling those in attendance that they (BLM) learned from their past mistakes and were in the process of planting their sheep in the mountains
(http://wildlife.state.nm.us/conservation/bighorn/documents/WhatsNew.htm) with or without the public’s approval.

On another, but semi-related issue – if some of the cacti in the Caballo’s are endangered, protected or listed as threatened and humans cannot disturb these plants why was it ok for the BLM to burn huge areas of the Caballo Mts or is it ok for desert big horn sheep to eat these cacti?

Prior to planting their sheep the BLM did a controlled burn of the Caballo Mts., where vast areas of this mountainous landscape was denuded of trees and vegetation, apparently for the purpose of providing their sheep with adequate eye-sight protection from their arch-enemy the mountain lion. On the surface this burn may have served that purpose but what about all the tiny protected critters (lizards, scorpions, snakes, mice,  centipedes, rabbits and microscopic flora and fauna) whose lives and homes were destroyed? In addition, the state and federal agencies say that global warming threatens all earthly life. Yet, the BLM by burning this vast area added the so-called awful carbon dioxide into the environment, thereby contributing to global warming. Why was this allowed and where were the environmentalist’s who would have crucified any wanna-be miner or prospector for merely disturbing a rats habitat or damaging a single tree?

To make a long subject as short as possible – because, according to the EPA, academia and commercial chemical companies there are no safe compounds of thallium I wonder if the BLM conducted an EIS before letting loose their sheep into the areas that I made known to them at the 2009 summer meeting that the Caballo Mts area contained possibly dangerous amounts of thallium, which could make these sheep ill after eating native plants? If not – why not? If they did conduct a study to see if thallium in the soil and local plants is a potential threat for the long-term sustainable health of these sheep where is the data? The point is how humane is it to subject these sheep to the possible ill effects of thallium?

It’s well known that desert bighorn sheep in the San Andreas Mountains were constantly harassed by the scabies mite (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scabies_mite) that eventually drove some and maybe all these sheep crazy to the point of death. Over the years and being intimately involved – according to my knowledge – the government’s expert biologists did not know (1992-3) why these mites were present or why these mites attack their sheep. Perhaps, the reason is that thallium also exists in the San Andreas Mountains? If so, it seems likely that these sheep eat the plants and become contaminated with thallium, which, overtime compromises their immune system, thereby, as biological experts claim the weak fall prey to predators whether these predators be big or microscopic. It’s a well known reality that once the immune system is compromised that any bacterium or larger predator will attack the wounded whether animal or human. Another example of what I am trying to convey is about the threats of mad cow,mad deer and elk that is plaguing many parts of the U.S. landscape. Doing research it seems a bit peculiar that this infectious disease relating to Prions was not known till after wildlife experts began importing foreign born animals.

Here’s an examples I feel is worthy of mentioning. In the late 1960’s I purchased a tiger from the New Orleans zoo, which promptly gave me a facial fungus that was cleared up with doctor prescribed antibiotics. The point being that exotic animals can and do infect humans with known and unknown diseases. Also during this same period of time wildlife experts introduced Nutria into the swamps surrounding New Orleans. It’s rather ironic that these huge water rats are now being blamed for causing levee failure by burrowing deep holes into these levees which failed and swamped New Orleans when Katrina hit the area. How does the average taxpayer know for sure that the introduction of wild exotic foreign born animals such as Ibex, Oryx, Wolves and an infinite variety of zoo animals have not and are not introducing diseases such as Prions that will ultimately affect humans and contaminate the local terrain? On another similar note these same experts are now claiming that invasive weeds must be eradicated. Yet, many so-called invasive weeds were originally transported from foreign soils by govt experts to control a site specific problem, only to discover later that their exotic plants have become an out of control nuisance like the Kudzu vine in the southern states.

Isn’t it a bit strange that wildlife experts claim nature’s law that only the fittest survives, yet these same experts find it necessary to breed exotic animals then release them into the environment of the top predator’s (human) domain and then claim that its humans who are causing the destruction of wildlife habitat.

It seems to me that if wildlife experts cannot comprehend how metals are intimate with all life then I am forced to speculate what these so-called servants actually know about sustainability. In fact, I suspect that as the public becomes more aware of the bureaucratic antics and the stagnating fiscal climate they will begin demanding long over-due cuts in funding for these dubious agencies.

The common denominator for the occurrence of these metals mentioned herein is soil and water; but the question is – why are these elements present in Sierra County? It’s my opinion that when this area was a seabed and during the formation of the Rio Grande Rift (volcanism and oceanic fumaroles), over eons of time this Rifting created metal rich depositions. An example of this activity is Lake Valley. My first prospecting stop in 1982 was Lake Valley where I found several heavy, semi-flat, black iron rich rocks, which at the time I was unaware of being manganese nodules that mining companies are now trying to figure how to economically harvest from the world-wide sea floors. These nodules are known to carry iron, manganese, gold, thallium and the pgms. Subsequently, I’ve come to speculate that the silver chloride deposit at the Lake Valley Bridal Chamber was likely due to the area’s prolific fumaroles, which are today’s hot springs that are likely still depositing metal rich metal ores in such places as deep under Water Tank Hill in downtown TorC.



The agencies (OSHA, MSHAW, EPA, etc.) justify their existence by claiming they know what’s best regarding the protection of our health and welfare. Similarly, politicians are ballyhooing national health care; but I find it troubling that I am discovering evidence of thallium contaminating not only most foods, but also our so-called safe public drinking water. The point is – if I can find what appears to be anomalous amounts of thallium in our food and water why aren’t these agencies aware of this possible environmental hazard?

After getting back home from the 2009 trip to Sierra County a water system was purchased to theoretically help sustain my over-all health. After using this system awhile I decided to check the filtered water for traces of contaminates. The filter of this tap water purification system has a rather expensive 90.00 dollar canister that supposedly filters out pollutants down to 0.01 microns, which, previous to my tests I stupidly presumed would capture the majority of the detrimental pollutants.

Another water tests began by purchasing and utilizing a distillation unit, which proved to be an exercise in futility. I found that when water is boiled the Thallium is mechanically carried over with the steam and deposited in the new chamber, which is supposed to be pure water. When I checked this theoretically clean/pure distilled water I found that Thallium was just as prevalent as prior to distillation. Occasionally I read claims that nature naturally distills water. This is almost pure nonsense because nature does not boil the earth’s water prior to raining. Instead, water is slowly evaporated into a gaseous molecular matrix that condenses in the atmosphere where it becomes saturated and deposited as rain and even this water is contaminated with air-born pollutants.

Upon recognizing that distillation is ineffective I changed tactics by slowly evaporating a 1000 mL (about 1 quart) amount of water to dryness, which produced a bunch of nasty looking debris. This debris was collected and subjected to the Vreeland Spectroscope’s electrodes electric arc. Needles to say, even though the temperature of this slowly evaporated water did not rise above 165F there remained copious amounts of thallium in dried debris, which are actually metal salts. But how could this be? Surely the municipal water supplier would have detected this dangerous metal and promptly removed it?
I contacted the water authorities who told me in no uncertain terms that there was no thallium in the Carrollton’s City water. Eventually an official of the water company came to the house, took a sample and submitted it to their independent lab, which reported that they could not find any thallium. Clearly, something was wrong. The Spectroscope I am using showed the indisputable presence of this element, but the city water personnel said there wasn’t any. Obviously, someone was wrong. So, to be absolutely sure of my preliminary test results dozens more city tap water tests were conducted, but thallium always remained present, with the city continuing to declare that any possible thallium was well below EPA standards. Of course, I did not nor do I now (1-2-10) believe them. According to an official at Carrollton’s drinking water source – “At our plant we oxidize all soluble metals in the raw water with NaMnO4, coagulate, settle, filter through dual media filters, and then filter through 0.02 ug membranes.” Notice their statement says ALL soluble metals are oxidized.

As a result of discovering this dirty tap water I began testing dozens of so-called purified bottled drinking water. All except one contained what I believe is unacceptable amounts of thallium. Naturally, I began purchasing the thallium free water for coffee brewing, which was and is other than milk my main source of drinking water. 

Ever since coming to TorC I constantly heard that there must be something in the water to make some of the people act so weird. During the summer of 2010 a TorC friend sent me a lot of the local drinking water and the local hot springs bath water, which was tested like the previous water samples. Although I was not surprised to find thallium, the amount of contaminated metallic salts staggered my comprehension.

When examining the TorC’s drinking water published purity reports (http://www.torcnm.org/downloads/2009_water_quality_report.pdf) I found it unusual that the amount of thallium for the year 2008 was in the sub-microscopic amount of 2 ppb (parts per billion). The 2009 report indicated that no tests were conducted and would not be done till sometime within the next 3 years. For convenience here’s a web site http://water.epa.gov/drink/contaminants/index.cfm that will help to understand what is an acceptable amount of thallium in public drinking water. This web site’s pollutant chart says – “The EPA MCL standard is 0.002 milligrams per liter (mg/L – Milligrams per liter are equivalent to parts per million.).”

Needless to say – as far as I am concerned and I may be wrong – I strongly suspect, based upon hundreds of books, articles and EPA data that there is no safe amount of thallium for animals and humans to touch, breath, eat or drink I can only conclude that TorC’s drinking water is not truly safe to drink. The issue is – if my spectroscopic tests are valid then what is to be done to resolve this situation?

I realize that my spectroscopic tests are semi-qualitative/quantitative, however, many hours-long tests were conducted with known amounts of thallium added to a thallium free matrix to see if this spectroscope could spot tiny amounts of this metal. The results were that I could not see a thallium line for minuscule amounts of thallium. Furthermore, after analyzing thousands of rocks, soils and plants of which not all showed the presence of thallium I seriously doubt that the Vreeland Spectroscope is capable of showing thallium in the ranges that the EPA indicates is safe for drinking water. Therefore, it would seem likely that a scandal is brewing. As I have often indicated – there are no thallium compounds/salts that are or can be safely contacted, ingested or breathed, primarily because Thallium is isomorphous with potassium in both plants and animals cellular structure. In other words – everything eaten or drank containing thallium is slowly replacing the potassium in our bodies.

I also realize that plants and animals including humans are not dropping dead due to the presence of thallium. Therefore, simple logic suggest that the thallium in food (plants and animals) drinking water, Rio Grande River, Hot Springs and soils is low but pervasive, thus it becomes an accumulative and can compromise our immune system, which eventually leads to chronic health problems, especially in an aging population. I wonder how many, if any long-term residents of Sierra County have ever been tested to see if elevated levels of thallium are in their bodies?

Because no city, county or NM official has contacted me regarding my findings I am forced to speculate as to whether or not these officials will bother to check these PART 5 findings? Even if they take the time to read what is presented here an additional ominous question becomes – what can or will they do about this serious dilemma? Hopefully, one of their solutions won’t be to shoot the messenger. If thallium is present in the dust, dirt, rocks, plants, food and water in potentially long-term unsafe amounts what can officials do to mitigate this potential problem? Based upon my research a primary partial solution is to better filter the water.

I have found that the public water officials don’t seem to want to know much about the actual methodology of determining (assaying) if thallium is present in the drinking water. These water officials depend upon commercial labs, which is fine, but who’s checking the commercial labs? In a communiqué (4-10) with Carrollton’s water officials relating to collecting and testing the tap water the independent lab indicated – “Typically a sub-sample of 50-100 mls is used for the procedure.  After preparation, the sample was aspirated directly into the ICP/MS.  It was a x1 or “straight” sample in that it was not diluted or concentrated.  The standards used to calibrate the instrument correlate directly to this sample.” Assuming the technician who conducted the test is properly trained to use the ICP/MS instruments I would have to ask the following questions: what kind of checks were conducted regarding the purity of the water used to calibrate the ICP/MS and how clean were these two instruments prior to testing the tap water sample?

It is a well-known historical reality that if homogenized samples of hair, blood or rock is submitted to 10 different commercial labs that there will usually be 10 different results,
http://mines.az.gov/Info/BLMassaylabsreport.pdf sometimes varying wildly. Therefore, in the assaying of minerals to determine the potential commercialization of ores the time consuming, costly use of commercial labs are utilized and before millions of dollars are spent on harvesting any potential minerals often a 3rd party (an unbiased umpire) is called upon to determine the accuracy of commercial lab analysis.

It seems that the safety of public drinking water is determined by using specific instruments of only a fraction (100mL) of a 1000ml sample, whereas I evaporate the whole 1000mL (approximately 1 quart) and conduct the spectroscopic test on the total resultant dried mineral salts.

The commercial way of testing may be proper most of the time, but I wonder why these commercial labs do not concentrate the entire 1000mL to obtain the total amount of mineral salts like I do? Oh I realize that to do so would be tediously slow and cost more, but, often short cuts can and do create more problems than are solved. Furthermore, because I could not find but one reliable easily and inexpensively available source of pure thallium free water I am forced to speculate as to how commercial labs know for sure that their water standards are thallium free? And, if by chance their water standards are not thallium free would their final instrument analysis be accurate? In addition, in the event that the water used by commercial labs is not thallium free what will the completed lab analysis be if the thallium is in true solution (dissolved) or worse in colloidal or nano sized particles ( oxides, hydroxides or metal compounds) that are extremely difficult to filter? In addition, if the technologist is unaware that sub-microscopic particles are present in the water to be tested I ask the question—how can an instrument detect these iddy-biddy particles if they are not known about prior to a properly calibrated instrumentation analysis?

From my limited viewpoint the only way that a reliably accurate analysis can be made of what a 1000mL (approximately 1 quart) of water contains is to thoroughly examine the water from several different perspectives. First would be to determine if there are suspended solids that passed through a 0.01 glass micron filter by simply shinning a laser light beam through the water. If the laser beam shows a light beam in the water then it’s a safe bet that the water contains a lot of sub-microscope particles. Next, a particle counter (http://www.spectrex.com/html_files2/ParticleCounters.php) could be employed to determine the actual quantity of these tiny particles that are suspended in the water. The next step would be to evaporate the water in a clean room (free of air-born dust) to dry and retrieve the debris (metal salts?) and coat the entire mass with either gold or osmium, which would then be examined with a scanning electron microscope with a micro-probe to magnify and determine what each particle is. The trouble is – what municipality is willing to spend the hundreds or thousands of dollars for this preliminary procedure that must be followed-up with the traditional Induction Coupled Plasma and Mass Spectrometer analysis?

If it is prudent to utilize known purity standards (fluxes) when fire assaying ores then would it not also be of paramount importance to not use diluted (weakened) water samples on instruments that may or may not have been properly pre-cleaned or calibrated? So, again, it just seems reasonable to me that one way of discerning the accuracy of any water test is to have a knowledgeable presence of an unbiased umpire overseeing the methodology utilized by labs to determine whether or not the public drinking water is not only safe but thallium free.

Finally, regarding thallium in soil, rocks, plants, food and water a primary question remains unresolved – how can the public determine how much thallium is actually being consumed and whether or not this amount is detrimental for over-all long-term good health?

My tests indicate that thallium contamination is wide spread, which has caused me to hypothesize why I find it in the water and food from several States and nations. Is this contamination due to 1) increased world wide volcanism, 2) world-wide coal, oil and natural gas electrical generation, 3) world-wide automobile gasoline consumption, 4) world-wide dust conditions, 5) modern aerial chem-trails, 6) meteor showers, or 7) has thallium always been a significant part of earth’s environment? Regardless of why thallium seems to be so prevalent does the EPA need to change their criteria regarding the toxicity of this element or designate new ways of mitigating thallium’s effect upon all forms of life?



History reveals that prosperity is initiated when the metals are found, extracted and innovatively employed by the entrepreneurial spirit. Likewise, reality also exposes the economic darkness when exploration and mining of the minerals/metals are suppressed. To view historical evidence regarding what happens when mining is restricted read Chapter 1, pages 1 - 20 of De Re Metallica.

Nearly everyone has knowledge of money, but few realize that exploitation of discovered elements is where and how money originates. Similarly, although most people have some knowledge of base and precious metals the majority of our public servants seem to have lost touch with the importance of harvesting abundant natural resources.

Illustrating how far we have descended into fiscal chaos – according to bureaucrats it is a privilege to have a business in NM. Therefore, simple linear logic indicates it’s also a privilege to even have a job. Hence it does not take a genius to recognize that strangling regulations are destroying our economic future.

Recently Great Britain curtailed mining coal in favor of windmills to generate electricity. Trouble is during cold weather these wind turbines don’t function as intended. Consequently the people of Great Britain are suffering intolerable cold homes. Similarly, King Edward in 1306 imposed the death penalty for burning coal, but offered no reasonable alternative.
Nearing the end of dark ages (1400) when a mini-ice age was blanketing Europe people who were caught burning coal were drawn and quartered for merely trying to stay warm and alive.

Of course burning coal fouled the air, but what could people use to stay warm other than efficient coal that was available simply by picking it up on the sea shore. When I was a kid in Spokane, Washington most homes were heated by coal fired furnaces. Yes it was dirty, but was far more efficient than burning wood. When the Rulers of ancient Europe told the peasants they could not burn coal to stay alive in the harsh winters, yet the Kings burned wood from their forests is was not only a double standard, but is similar to our current Czars telling us what we can and cannot do. Oddly though, it was England’s coal that gave rise to the industrial revolution, the invention of the steam engine and this same coal allowed the British Empire to be world’s primary source of iron and steel and dominate the entire world.

Modern EcoElites like their ancient counterparts would have us believe that utilizing coal is bad and should be banned. What’s interesting is that these pseudo-scientists never have solutions other than costly, subsidized energy gimmickry to make life better, but sure can conjure-up hideous regulations and stifling laws, keeping the people poor while they live luxuriously.

Today, technology has made tremendous strides and there is no legitimate reason to stop using coal to produce electrical energy. Sure there are problems and yes there are environmental impacts, but there are always problems to everything humans do to live comfortably. I agree that the current so-called green technology (solar and windmills) should be employed, but not at the expense of destroying prosperity or demanding that The People pay for these inefficient and unproven energy schemes. Let the market determine the winners and losers for economical sources of energy.

Thank goodness for the fresh air Ms Martinez brings to NM and her wisdom to appoint former astronaut (Harrison Schmitt) to head New Mexico’s energy, natural resources department.
http://newmexicoindependent.com/68510/martinez-picks-former-astronaut-global-warming-denier-to-head-emnrd Perhaps, now NM will claim our GOD given right to harvest the abundant natural resources that can and will provide jobs and prosperity via modern technologies.

In spite of the heart-breaking misery of those without employment opportunities the rampant rhetoric prior to the 2011 elections was the preaching that education will provide jobs – to which I say – horse-pucky!

In the late 1970’s the educational rage was obtaining a degree associated with developing computer hardware and software. It did not take long before these jobs were shipped over-seas leaving scant opportunity for American graduates. The point is – how many brain surgeons, lawyers, nuclear physicists, rocket scientists, biologists, psychologists, social managers, etc. can academia crank-out before even these high paying professions become low-waged ditch-diggers?  It’s well known that China and India are producing millions of college grads with no job prospects. America is also churning out hundreds of thousands of students that also don’t have a place to apply their knowledge. Thus, their educations are not only worthless but most of these past and present students are hopelessly mired in unbearable debt.

If America and more specifically NM and Sierra County are to experience good times a significant change of course in academia and the political arena is required. And, like it or not we must find a solution to the smoldering problem of what is to be done with the school drop-outs who also need jobs?

How much longer can we pretend there is no glitch affecting everything we cherish? Fortunately, people are beginning to realize that the migration of our manufacturing sectors and illegal immigration is not conducive for sustainable communities. The point is – if we don't start protecting ourselves and stop depending upon the social managers or the same lawmakers and regulators promoting green globalization, not only will there be no jobs but we will all become welfare recipients and remain in eternal bondage begging for crumbs. If you doubt this reality look at the current situation of Sierra County, which is almost totally reliant upon state and federal handouts and vanishing tourist dollars.

A few years ago I heard people say they would support a tax hike for the spaceport because it would bring jobs and keep the youth from having to seek employment in the crime infested big cities. I said then and am saying again—the vast majority of these spaceport jobs for local residents will be making beds and emptying bedpans. I have never been against the spaceport, but I felt that this endeavor should have been financed by the private sector and not be a public-private entity that will require constant taxpayer maintenance. Thank goodness the new governor of NM (Ms Martinez) has decided to examine the spaceport books/project to make sure that this public/private venture has not developed economic sinkholes.

Although the political winds are changing the damage already done will take considerable effort to undo. In my opinion, prior to Ms Martinez becoming the new governor it was not possible to reason with the green anti-human, pro-critter ideologues that have infiltrated local, state and federal agencies, who, I suspect do the bidding of multi-national corporations who have no-allegiance to American ideals, customs, culture and associated freedoms. Fortunately though, the people are beginning to realize that something is very wrong with the green philosophy that has off-shored, out-sourced industry and jobs via their strangling laws and regulations. Therefore I am hopeful that the new Governor of NM and her appointments will continue curbing the green menace that threatens our very survival.

It’s easy to blame our servants who are calling themselves czars and leaders for our current economic blight; but, the sad truth is we long-ago abrogated our responsibilities and allowed our appointed and elected servants to do what they think is best. Although I can appreciate why we don’t want the corruptive responsibility of power, but not accepting our obligations we allow those with less talent to rule. Consequently, the looming questions are 1) what’s going to happen when those with their irresistible urge to spend your money meets-up with the immoveable wall of debt, and 2) is there a way out of this looming catastrophe?

As discussed elsewhere – mineral extraction is what feeds civilization and keeps the predatory beasts at bay. Despite this historical reality there are those who favor critters over man, and will do practically anything to eradicate mining from man’s memory. Lately their tactics has been to cover-over anything resembling past mineral extraction by using three words – could, may and might – to justify their anti-metals/mining agenda. Depressingly, during the past 30 years academia, including the School of Mines in Socorro has turned its back on geology, despite the fact that everything we have, want and need (food, water & tools) has to be first extracted from the earth. Oddly, instead of promoting intellectual curiosity as to how to better develop the land’s mineral resources with up-to-date mental gymnastics academia prefers to ignore the benefits of mining. In fact, an answer is demanded as to why the professors at the School of Mines have not found marketable minerals on public lands?

There remains that old adage – to find valuable minerals go to where they have been found before. But, if the old mine dumps have been hauled away and the mine entrances sealed it will be difficult for new prospectors to locate new mineral deposits that new technology creates. Surely a more intelligent approach to discovering and exploiting the abundant minerals ought to be the goal of academia.

TIME—the most precious commodity known, yet it cannot be found, dug, hauled, concentrated, moved, discarded or sold. Nonetheless, for us mortals who often take TIME for granted it remains a constant struggle between success and poverty.

I like to say that I am neither pessimistic nor optimistic. Instead, I prefer the label “pragmatist” where the promotional fat has been whacked leaving only bare-bone facts. Therefore, with the foregoing sentence in mind—I am flat-out stating that a vast area of Sierra County East of the Rio Grande River offers exceptional mineral exploitation opportunities. Are there risks, sure, but, as far as I am concerned the rewards outweigh the negative implications? Yet and despite the foregoing statement a primary question remains—does Sierra County want prosperity that the natural resources offer or is the status quo sufficient?

So, what are the options of a brighter future? Sierra County is endowed with rugged enterprising individuals, who can change the course of human events by merely arming themselves with a little knowledge and placing mining claims in areas east of the Rio Grande River, including the Jornada del Muerto.

Despite the fact that some of these elements are toxic, such as thallium, each has unique economic potential in advancing the technological frontier of future tools, sources of energy, computers, national defense, space related equipment, etc., etc. So, if I can find what appears to be abundant strategically important metals then surely those trained in the geological and chemical disciplines can further expose the potential possibilities waiting in what we all walk upon.

Naturally, there will be the naysayers who will claim that metals like thePGMs, Rhenium, and Thallium are not present or cannot possibly be in commercial quantities or these metals would have been mined long ago. This type of mindset is rooted either in anti-metals green mythology or simple ignorance, because the past has proven to be just that the past and it is only the future that offers hope and prosperity. Similarly, its possible that some multi-national mining companies who’s metal interests reside in foreign lands might not want new discoveries exploited because it might make their balance sheets worth less. Regardless of what possible negative reasons may develop about the potential of Sierra County, shouldn’t this area at least be explored before trashing potential rewards?

Here are a few examples of what can be done to turn Sierra County into a vibrant economic power house which can be the envy of the world.

  1. Water Tank Hill needs to be thoroughly examined for exploitable minerals.
  2. Private property owners, which naturally includes Ranchers with mineral rights should begin making inquiries into the potential of their land.
  3. At least a hundred individuals ought to be investigating the Jornada mineral potential and staking mining claims on BLM lands.
  4. The City and County commissioners ought to be examining the mineral possibilities, which would make Sierra County the mining capital of New Mexico similar to what the Carlin Gold Belt did for Nevada. Back in the early 80’s I visited several of the old Nevada 1800’s boom towns and all that I saw was a few hold-outs trying to eek-out a living from the occasional few tourists. Today, many of these ghost towns are vibrant and filled with people looking to improve their lives by applying fresh eyes and discovering new lode deposits that were over-looked by the experts.
  5. Inform our public servants to stop trying to destroy the 1872 mining law and stop becoming dependent upon the resources from unstable 3rd world countries.

It’s time for all of us to get back to basics and avoid getting lost in the crevices of political shenanigans.  Hopefully, in these challenging economic times of severe cutbacks and layoffs both the public and private sectors can/will set aside their differences and realize that by combining talents all will prosper.

I would enjoy discussing with all who are serious about helping Sierra County improve its economic standing relating to the elements mentioned herein.

Joseph Cummins

Created: 01-18-2011
Revised: 12/15/2012